A lot of fun today!! 20150323_END_WP

I’m not sure, maybe the sun awoke within me so nice feeling, but it’s so light everything today. So busy day, so many things to do (yes, you people, whom I’s talking today know this.. ) but somehow I was just watching everything from a distance…

Maybe that’s why I made this funny impression watercolor’s miniature today. When I started it, I just let my strokes lead me.. And here is the effect. I didn’t make any sketch before, from the beginning I started with aquarelle, so please do not be surprised of missing pencil drawing.

Wonderful inspiration for me today was photo taken by key89 (check her on Instagram!!)
Some middle steps of work in progress and photo of the final image below.

Goodnight! I hope you like them!

20150323_01 20150323_02 20150323_03 20150323_04

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