Hello! 20150411_END_WP

Today was very busy day with rescue of my main recording device (I mean my mobile). It’s had an error today. It started permanently buzz, does’t react for anything and in the same time suddenly became hot. I was fast and I really like in this moment patent of Nokia with this plastic cover. I took off the battery also sim and sd cards. The problem was probably my sd card – I have lost yesterday’s record and some other data, my pc had seen a lot of error, but after formating it started to work properly. But my phone is already empty and there is no video today!! I’m sorry :(

Somehow it’s a tabula rasa for the next days :) However illustration was madeand I took new photos of them today, after dealing with electronic gadgets. In Friday I’ve seen probably last (this year) crocus in my neighborhood and probably this made my decission to take as my inspiration a crocus from gallery of artrocity (on Instagram: artrocity). Thank you very much.

I hope you have had a nice Sunday!


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