Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150414_END_WP

How about painting magnolia once again?!
For those, who has seen my image on instagram little earlier, there is no surprise :) But still I have one for everybody!! My video record of this making this image is all right!!! And I have made time-lapse video from it.

If anybody would look for solution in such a problem as mine: I’ve switched my mobile (which I use to record process) to the flight mode during recording, so nothing would distract my device. I’m going to do this next day’s too, so we will see if my theory is good. I just started to think, how can feel this tiny sd card in my phone, when I do records, my phone is gathering messages and push news from few source… it’s pretty much. So I let it do only one thing in the period of time ;)

My inspiration for this magnolia illustration was photo taken by young Rach (on Instragram: _pinkplastiquebags). Because of the difference in proportion this image, I decided to crop it a little and I chose a part of original photo. It was more difficult because of many pink tones in the original photo, most pink points were almost brown and in one place pretty red, but it was still pink.

I hope, you will like it!
Good night,

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