Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150417_END_WP

How about meadow? And maybe with buttercups? Why not!! ;)

My inspiration was a photo taken by Marcella Guarino (on Instagram: marcellaguarino) and this was difficult one. Thank you very much!


BTW. If anybody would ask: my video made with method from last post is again ok, so there is also a video included ;)

6 thoughts on “18-04-2015

    • Thank you Lena :) Yes, I try to not repeat motives and my idea is to show diversity of nature (which I know too, so it’s more European nature). However when I’ll finish Tiny Spring, there will be only 92 images. I’m pretty sure we could do separate chapter only with herbs ;)

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    • Thank you Rebecca! :) Probably I’ve had a mood for more light painting in the weekend, my yesterday’s image is also very soft and light. I’ll publish it in the evening.


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