Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150419_END_WP

As I mentioned before under my post in comment section, next image is also light and soft. It’s almost a meadow, but.. no, for real it’s a pot with flowers, but the photo looks lovely, so I decided to paint it :)

You may like to check Mitt 60-talshus (on Instagram: mitt60talshus or blog). This photo has originally another proportion, than my painting so I cropped it to the square size using a main focus point from it. Final composition was not easy to handle – lot of bright flowers made me to start from the surrounding (usually I start from the main point of the illustration, and after finishing some level I develop another parts, and then I start to work on details). However there will never be only one answer for everything, so after staring up for a while on the photo, I finally started to paint.

And I was lucky to complete another video without any errors!! So please, take a look and I hope you will enjoy this tiny painting.

This illustration is dedicated to my cousin,
she was a birthday kid yesterday!! All the best!! :)

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