Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150421_END_WP

It’s so good, that I didn’t write everything, what I was thinking, yesterday!! Because I was so wrong!! :P Since few days my PC is little dizzy (I was pretty sure it’s again ADOBE… I was forcing it to check updates, but there was no result for me, it always answered me, everything is up-to-date!) It wasn’t up-to-date!! Today was my big day of adobe update, and finally making this video took me around 95 minutes – compering to yesterday, when it took more than 5 hours…. :P it’s wonderful time today, I’m really happy I would go to sleep before 3 am :))))

However, I share with you yesterday’s painting and already starting new one. I suppose I paint too much last days, my hand starting to be touchy again :P But there is so much to do!!!!!! :)

My inspiration was a photo taken by Mary Orton (on instagram: maryorton). She is very interesting personality, just check her (especially women!!), if you have a moment.



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