Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150424_END_WP

There is some delay with my posts on WordPress… ;) Most up-to-date is Instagram, and even there I decided to post evening picture next day. There is some simple reason for this: photo of illustration looks better with color (they are more accurate to the real one, when I take a picture in the daylight).

And yesterday and most of today I was down by some virus infection, but there is this moment right now, when I’m tired and starting to feel better, so I’m very glad about it :) Today I’m going to post two posts, from Friday and yesterday (Saturday).

First illustration was inspired by a photo from Björn Viktor (on Instagram: angerforce). As few people have found, I do mistakes with days and dates.. there is another one, which I have found right now so original date of this image is not 25 but 24 April! I’m really not a person from dates and things, which need to keep some order… I have many notebooks, each my new project starts with new label in my main collage book and if it’s bigger on, I make separate notebook for it… However date will be change on the proper one!



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