Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150426_END_WP

I really like this painting and I hope, you will like it too. I’m not sure why, but it made me more pleasure to do it than usually. True is, I’m pretty happy to hold brush and mix colors to look for the ideal one (I have only few paints, so I need to do this almost always, so I’m almost always in this situation :P …)

My inspiration was a photo taken by Michelle Dawn (on Instagram: dawnmichelle14). Very cool photo!! And first of the kind! :) Challenge was to paint nice sky between all other parts of the painting. I do not use masking fluid at all, so I try to stay very precise during working with my brush, especially at the end of painting. I think this technique would not be too good to use on big painting, but it’s still working nice on my little size.



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