Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150427_END_WP

Thank you so much for your good words and appreciation, I’m really happy to see you like this, what I do :) This challenge starts to be even more challenging now than I was expecting, it could ever be. I’m starting to be tired, but in the same time it’s so addictive to make this tiny images, that sometimes I can’t wait to do another illustration and in the same time I wish, I could make another artwork or I’m mad I need to put away other project to do this daily minipainting… but when I hold in hand accomplished effect of another day I’m happy, that I did this again!! :)

And now there is another painting, inspired by a photo from Azat’s gallery (on Instagram: azat_19). Very beautiful photo!! As you can see below (again!!) I have problems with light. I work in room with daylight coming from north and it’s little dark all the time, however when I use lamps, they totally change the colors of painting. This is why I publish also photos, they are more accurate with colors after all. Still… I hope, you like it!



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