Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150430_END_WP

So I have made already the first May illustration, however there is still April to finish! :)

And here we are, another week theme: INSECTS. I’m going to paint them with flowers, if possible. I have seen so many stunning photos today, that I need to consider this at least one more time.

I’m really not sure, how does wordpress work, and I discover so many things about painting, light, colors, artist supplies and more during my process, that I would love to share them, but I don’t want to post it directly to the daily posts of Tiny Spring. It would mass them. Is there possible, to make another label / page in my blog to post there other posts? and only on main page leave the gallery of our daily project? Oh, I need to look for this, I’m so ingenuous with blogging :P

My first insect illustration is bee with blooming tree (apple-tree?) by Ricardo (on Instagram as: rbayon). Thank you very much! It’s my first painted bee ever! :)

I hope you will enjoy this image!


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