Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150502_END_WP

Please excuse me, if somebody was waiting for it yesterday’s late evening. My internet connection died in the night, so I post my illustration today. I do this today during my early lunch break :)

My inspiration was a photo of beetle by Seweryn Maliszewski (on Instagram as: nyrewessativa). It was very nice to paint, I really like to deal with this blurry backgrounds. When I need to signal some bokeh or blurred elements are more laborious and sometimes difficult, but this background from beetle is very soft and simple. I need to focus on looking for proper colors and to not give to much paint on it. In my opinion the worst scenario of the image is to overwork it, and with so soft tones it’s very easy to do this. Another thing is, that aquarelles slightly change the color after drying, so often it’s a play to mix them together (especially when I use watercolors from few different brands).

Going back to work!


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