Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150505_END_WP

I’m so bad with social media :P I still can’t figure out, how do things work and I do a lot of mistakes. There is so many clever information in internet nowadays… that is almost impossible to find proper one! A lot of posts and articles are just about nothing, but to know this, I need to deal with them. Beside many words, used by native English technology and social geeks, are for me just a mystery! In my language.. there is not enough info, I can’t find answers at all, so I need to spend more time until I finally find and understand it in English :P

However butterfly!! I have found this really cute photo taken by Tommie (on Instagram as bigque90). Thank you very much! Painting images and showing some space is big challenge. Usually brain remembers shapes of flowers, which are blurred on the third plan, and wants to recreate them. However disposal of accurate detail is the key to successful result (and it doesn’t matter, what is the medium or which style is used… this can be also simple ink linear drawings – if you don’t believe me, just google my master: Albrecht Dürer). But before I invite you to check some process of this butterfly from yesterday.



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