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Today will be another snail! And few words about it. This specific tones made me to put a paint on the paper few times. I’m not sure why, but my paints, with this color tones after dry were much brighter than right after applying. It’s pretty usual for lot of paints, than they are some differences between wet and dry paint, however… It was only more work for me and the effect is not so clean as it should be. I’m not sure if the cause isn’t flowers pollen… clean watercolor paper was laying two days near by flowerpot. Might it be this?

My beautiful inspiration was a photo taken by Karen Mcclay (on Instagram as: karen_mcclay). Thank you very much Karen! :)

Have a quiet night!


8 thoughts on “08-05-2015

  1. There is something about some green tones that is difficult to reach both with paint and photos. Don’t ask me why though cause I dont have an answer.

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    • Oh, yes you are right Lena. Sometimes it can be very frustrating during shooting, that lot of beautiful greenery has veridian green on photos.
      I think I should paint with paints from one brand, maybe they don’t like each other from different brands. Maybe some day I’ll buy better quality watercolors :))

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      • You are right. I use paints from average price range. Last days I have bought one little more expensive to just try it. I wish to buy Winsor & Newton, but they are sooooo expensive!! :P Proper set is like quite good dslr camera of Panasonic or Canon..
        Someday!! :)))

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      • Winsor & Newton is really good quality but as you say very very expensive. On the other hand, at least their brushes last for ever if you take good care of them. I learned a trick to make them last that you might already know. If you, when your done painting and have cleaned them, but the brusch in your mouth and spin them out if you get how I mean. (Hard to explain in a foreign language). It makes them hold the straws together.

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      • I have seen people doing this, I thought it was just an eccentric behavior! Now I know, why do they do this. It’s simply clever :) Thanks, Lena! I understood perfectly.
        Winsor & Newton, someday in the future for sure!!! Right now my best brushes are da Vinci brushes, and they are also not cheap ;)

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