Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150511_END_WP

What is the most difficult part of long term challenge? It’s this moment, when you should (need) start a new thing (in my case it’s a miniature) and you want to do something else. you just got this great idea for another illustration, you want to sketch, read some interesting article or book. Or just talk to the people. But no!!! You start doing your challenge, because this is it. If it would be easy, there would be no challenge :)

In my head are right now fishes (it’s crazy, how I dream about place in time for them!! and I already know, that I will need to fight them a little on few sketches – it’s an older motive, which I didn’t have time to finish in winter… and finally I know, what I should do with them…)

Challenge is challenge! And here is another snail, which was inspired by a photo from gallery of Brian (on Instagram as watsysworld). So cute tiny snail with a blooming moss :)

Have a nice evening guys!


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