Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150516_END_WP

Another animal for you today. Cows can be very cute, they want to be pet and most of them just expects a company of people and other animals. They can be good friends with dogs or cats. Especially young calf is cute and can play as a puppy, which is very funny :)

My inspiration was a photo from gallery of Stacey (on Instagram as stacemagan1). Thank you very much! Stacey also gave me this idea about tagging people on this weekly summary photo… What do you think about this? I’m going to try to do this in Wednesday and hopefully my schedule will little change now, so I’ll be able to jump and do painting earlier each day and maybe also publish Instagram’s post late in the evenings, but the same day. I need to try this, until now it was impossible to handle. I’m going to keep date of posting on Wordpress because of the time of processing video. My PC unfortunately needs some time to deal with this…

And now cows!


7 thoughts on “16-05-2015

    • I’m not sure Lena. People appreciate this, but for me Instagram is very strange community and I’m still testing this and other social media too. If anybody touch the image, he/she can see people tagged in it. Some way there is some logic in it.

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