Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150606_END_WP

I have flowers for you!! :) Cute pink color of petals and violet blue of flower buds were pretty difficult to reach, because I’ve bought few new paints and I wanted to check them :) Those are Van Gogh watercolors in tubes and I’ve impression, they are more intense than naps. However I love this paints, they are little “fat”, even after drying on the pallet, and painting with them is more smooth. I’ve also used new brushes, because my old are pretty used already. I’m going to make an update from new artistic supplies on my 2nd blog, before I would like to paint with them little more, to be sure my words.

Here I can say working with this wet watercolors was little difficult, but I’m glad I was able to learn myself a habit to try mixed paint on the separate piece of watercolor paper, each time before putting brush on the right drawing. It’s more difficult to paint from photo, where I need to look for colors, easier is to paint from imagination and play with colors.

My inspiration was a photo of lovely flowers from gallery of Jen J. (on Instagram as jaj_nyc). Thank you very much!

Kasia :)


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