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I’ve painted grasshopper!! And this was amazing. Grasshoppers are wonderful part of picnics and laying on the blanket between grass. When I was a child, we were running and catching them and this was a game – the winner was the one who gathered the largest number of grasshoppers. After catching an insect with hands, we cried the proper number and freed the trapped animal and as soon as possible we started to look for another one. There was lot of laugh during this play.

When I was little older, I was reading outside and this was always moment of break, when some grasshopper has stopped for a moment on my book – sometimes it was a fraction of a second, sometimes little longer and then was jumping away :)

Today I love to paint tiny animals and make studies of nature elements, which normally are very difficult to observe with a bare eye. This makes me learn and discover many things and each time I understand, how much there is still to find.

My inspiration was a photo from gallery of Agata Łaska (on Instagram as ezoforya). Thank you very much!

Kasia :)


2 thoughts on “08-06-2015

  1. P.S. I really like the videos you take of your process. It’s really cool to watch your illustrations come to life. Thanks for the feel-good moments. Peace, Harlon

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    • Thank you so much Harlon! :) You made my evening right now. I like that you and few other people enjoy to follow this daily process. Thank you for this too.


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