Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150610_END_WP

I can’t forget about another beautiful flowers nowadays. Peonies are amazing flowers. Right know I enjoy them, because few flowers stands in a vase on my desk and they smell lovely! My peonies are cream white and light pink, but for the painting I’ve found cute bouquet of pink flowers.

I wasn’t sure about this light pink tones, they were so soft, that I thought it wan’t be properly visible in such a small scale so I cheated a little. Another problem I have found in second plan. There was a moment, when I want’d to leave the painting without table and trees behind the vase, but after all I decided to follow original photo as much as possible, and you can check the result :)

My inspiration was a photo from gallery of L’Occitane El Salvador (on Instagram as loccitanesv). Thank you very much!

Kasia :)


3 thoughts on “10-06-2015

    • Thank you Lena, I like it too :D
      I wasn’t sure about this vase. I don’t like the very realistic painting so i don’t put there priority. For me it’s more like following lights and shadows, and giving suggestion of the theme. I’m satisfy with an object, when it’s good enough to understand it from the picture ;)
      I’m not sure if you understand, what I try to say. When it started to look like a glass vase I stopped paint it more.


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