Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150618_END_WP

I would like to introduce you Indy. So cool little guy, I was pretty sure he is a German Wirehaired Pointer, but he is not!! He is Wirehaired Pointing Griffon!!! I have even studied some photos, it’s similar family of dogs for sure, but there is lot of differences between those two. Just a daily curio about this smiled dog ;)

What was my biggest challenge in this mini? Hair!!!! Oh wow, it’s so amazing and fuzzy, that I was totally confused how to deal with them. as you can see it’s not perfect, but they look kinda fuzzy after all ;)

My inspiration was a photo from gallery of iconpoint (this cute guy is often smiled as at my picture, so take a look and smile too). Thank you very much! :)

Kasia :)


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