Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150620_END_WP

I love amstaffs. There was a time, when I was scared about them, but then some day in the early morning I met one during a walk on the fields. Little wounded and very skinny, I took her with me (or actually she just followed me few kilometers) and she became my best friend for the next 11 years. Those dogs are amazing – beautiful, strong and smart. They are very social and joyful, they like kids, other animals, but they also willingly learn and respect the limits. They are hard workers, love to stay busy, jump and run. And they have incredible smiles :)

Their bodies have amazing musculature and for me to paint it right is very difficult. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching one of them daily for so many years and I just don’t tolerate any stroke, which is wrong. I hope you will enjoy this mini, it was one of my longest.

I was tagged under another photo, but after all I have picked different one from the chosen gallery of maariabutt. Those two guys’ names are Nata and Charlie (Charlie is in front). Thank you very much! :)

Regards, Kasia :)


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