Hello! kasiahaldas_tinyspring_20150622_END_WP

For me sweet cherries are the symbol of a great childhood. They were always a call for the summer holidays and for adventure. I have tried lot of them: red, brown, orange, pink, yellow and even black, small and big, very sweet and little sour. And I love all of them!

As far as I know in my country kids have now a summer holidays, they just started yesterday and I decided to paint sweet red cherries on the tree, just because I smile while thinking about past days. I was long looking for the good photo, but I couldn’t accept any other option of composition. True cherries, the best, most sweet and shiny should be on the tree!

My inspiration was a photo taken by Diana Simsic (on Instagram as Diana Simsic). Beautiful, wonderful photo. If I would have a camera, when I was a child, I would do this kind of pictures for sure :D Thank you very much!

I hope you will like this sweet introduction to the Summer time.
Regards, Kasia :)


3 thoughts on “22-06-2015

  1. I believe cherries means to you what wild strawberries mean to me, summer, sun, laughter and happy childhood memories. A really nice painting.

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    • Yes, I understand now your love to wild strawberries :) By me they were always sooner than cherries, at the beginning of the June, and right after them cherries and vacations.

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