Tiny Spring

What’s the project all about?

Tiny Spring is an artistic project. It started on 20 March 2015, for which I challenged myself to create a miniature painting every single day for the entire Spring. Paintings’ size is a square 2,5cm on 2,5cm and intentionally most of them will be inspired by nature themes, starting from early spring flowers. Project will end on 21 June 2015.

The project is flexible and I can consider your suggestions about daily themes of illustrations. I invite you to join Tiny Spring! Connect with me on social media and send me through them beautiful interesting you photos. I prefer Instagram, where you can just type my nick (shakald) under interesting you photo and I’ll check it. Each day I pick one photo and make a small watercolor painting.

Every day of this Spring I’m going to post the completed picture online, I point my daily inspiration and the author of chosen photo, so keep in touch and follow my work each day :)

Thank you for reading, waiting for you.
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